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Susan B.

Pam, once again, I am so thankful to have you in my corner when it comes to this Medicare stuff. It is simply impossible to tell you how much it means to me.

So wonderful to hear that you have settled happily and comfortably in Tampa; all the continued best!

Have a lovely, blessed Thanksgiving holiday.

Jutta Bruegel-Sasse

Dear Pam, for a testimony:

I can only state that I felt very well taken care of by you. I liked your very professional, but also very personal way of dealing with the issues.

My experience with you as my agent was the best I have ever had concerning insurance professionals, and I will definitely recommend you. -Temple Terrace, FL

Donna Hamilton Ericson-Jacks

All of your articles are extremely informative, and the subject matter is explained so well. It's apparent that you have a real interest in serving the senior community in a way that is unbiased and a genuine desire to help. You are a rare person in this regard. I'm retired from the insurance industry myself, so your words resonate with me as being from an exceptionally talented and caring benefits counselor.