Medicare Allies Support Community

What is the Medicare Allies Support Community?

The Medicare Allies Support Community is a closed, private group on Facebook that is free to join.

Click here to go straight to the group and join.

I’m Pamela Turner, the group’s creator and moderator.  


I’ve been an independent Medicare Supplement agent, Medicare educator, and senior advocate for 8 years.

I was inspired to create this group for you to…

  1. Be a safe place to ask questions about the confusing ins and outs of Medicare,
  2. Compare notes with peers on what’s working and what’s not (we all have a story that can help others!
  3. Stay “in-the-know” so you don’t miss any important updates or changes
  4. Share tips and strategies on how to get the most out of Medicare.

There are no requirements to join other than you must have a Facebook account, and either be enrolled in Medicare or planning to enroll in Medicare in the next 6 months to a year. (Caretakers of those on Medicare may also join!)

Simply click here to go to the group page and click “join” to submit a request to be added to the group.

You won’t be spammed!

Joining the Facebook group will not add you to my email list, or cause you to be spammed or contacted in any way outside of the posts that you see that are only a part of the closed group.

Read on to find out all the benefits you can reap by being a part of this community!

Why Join?

One of the biggest benefits of this type of group is that it’s a community of like-minded folks, and because it’s a “closed” group, it’s semi-private (your questions and comments may ONLY be viewed by members of the group, that have been approved and allowed access to the group by me).

Your questions and comments won’t be visible in the Facebook newsfeed of all your friends on Facebook, but will only be visible to group members.

Why was the group created?

I was inspired to create this group after seeing so many questions asked on Facebook pages such as “Medicare Made Clear,” sponsored by UnitedHealthcare.

They run regular Q& A sessions, but the answers are very short and lack depth.  I wanted to provide a more personal touch, and more in-depth answers to your questions.

I love the idea of a supportive community where you may not only ask questions of an experienced agent and Medicare educator, but you can get input from your peers as well.

There are rules to protect you, and keep things orderly.

This group is NOT a sales platform.

I will occasionally post links to educational materials from my website, (as well as official government materials), but will not be selling plans, promoting insurance companies, or coercing individuals to join this or that plan.

This group is for support only, and to provide value and service to those that need help, whether or not you are an existing client with Ally Senior Benefits.

I will only be able to answer general medicare questions, and sometimes general plan questions, not in-depth personal questions pertaining to a specific plan, which would be the job of your existing agent.

The information shared in this group is not meant to replace your own due diligence in researching answers, or replace the advice of your trusted agent, advisor, or to provide legal advice.

-You will  receive helpful information and communication within this Facebook community.

-I ask that it remains a promotion-free zone.

-It won’t be a place for others to promote personal causes, or businesses.

-I also ask that this community remains free of political & religious discussions.

We’re here to support each other and provide helpful information and insight.

I’ll add to this list of group goals and rules as needed.

Thank you SO much for being a part of this loving community!